Start Polyester
01 | 02 | 2023


synthetic, non-absorbable, braided


  • a synthetic non-absorbable suture material made from precision braided Polyethylene terephthalate.
  • distinguished by its biological inertness and low tissue reaction.
  • characterized by high tensile strength and good knot stabilty.

Polyester-S green, coated Polyester white, uncoated Greenfil – green
The coating of Polyester-S green is physiologically inert. This way of surface processing ensures high smoothness, outstanding knotability and reduces capillarity. You can use Polyester in white colour or as Greenfil in green. It is characterised by perfect knot stability, high tensile strength and soft tissue penetration. This polyester suture has the same qualities as polyester white. For better visibility it has been coloured green.
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Polyester white and Greenfil are provided as needled sutures and as ligature pack. You can obtain Polyester white also as dispenser pack.

Polyester-S green is provided as needled suture, as ligature and as dispenser pack.